Plums are now ready!!

It is proving to be an early season and there are a number of varieties which are now at their peak. We are keeping our prices the same as last year – PYO 50p lb and ready picked 80p lb so we do hope you will pay us a visit.

If the sun shines, afternoon tea in the orchard will be served, with home made jam of course! (£2.99).

Pershore Plum Festival 2010

Yet again there were lots of visitors to the annual Pershore Plum festival which was held on August Bank Holiday Monday.  Every year different types of plums ripen at different times and this year we had 7  varieties available for people to buy.  These ranged from the well known Victoria to the slightly more obscure, yet popular, Kirke’s Blue

Mean while, back on the farm, people enjoyed the sunshine with afternoon teas and picking their own plums and apples in our orchard.

Victoria Plums, now available

One of the most sought after British plums is the Victoria which is now available to pick, but here is some interesting history for you:

  • The plums grown in Britain are derived from fruits originally from Damascus, Syria and Persia
  • The plums were initially brought to Britain by the Romans
  • The modern plum was found by nurseryman Mr Denyer in a garden in Alderton in Sussex.
  • Prior to the plum being sold to Mr Denyer the plum was named “Sharp’s Emperor” or “Alderton”
  • Mr Denyer sold these plums as “Denyer’s Victoria” after Queen Victoria who was crowned in 1837.

The problem with these is that there is no place named Alderton in Sussex, so where could this have come from? Some people believe that Alderton is a typo and should really be Walderton.  A second theory is that the name Alderton is actually that of the person who found it rather than the name of the place.  The third theory is that the plums come from Alderton in Suffolk which is home to the Gage family who were involved in the development of a number of other plums.

Fruit now available, 14th August 2010

We are currently open 9am – 6pm daily with a large selection of both pick your own (PYO) and ready picked fruit.

Plums currently available are

Prolifics – good for eating and for jam making

Heron – excellent for eating

Purple Pershores – good for eating and excellent for jam making and freezing

Yellow Pershores – excellent for jam making and bottling

Opals and Czars –  good for eating

The above are PYO 50p/lb , £1.10/kg; ready picked 70p/lb, £1.50/kg

Apples currently available are

Beauty of Bath – eater

Discovery – eater

Grenadier and Bramley – cookers

PYO Barmleys – 30p/lb , 65p/kg; ready picked 50p/lb, £1.10/kg

Also available

Blackberries, Potatoes, Onions and local Honey