Friday 28th August update

With the Bank Holiday weekend approaching we thought it would be a good idea to update you on fruit availability in case you wanted to visit us over the next few days.

Plums – Victorias, Belles, Edwards, Kirkes Blue and Marjorie Seedling are all available PYO and ready picked. Damsons are also ready and will be around for at least three weeks.

Apples – Bramley and Katy to PYO. Others available are Worcesters (not very many), George Cave, Epicure, Fortune, James Grieve, Discovery and Elstar.

We are open 9 – 6pm with Woodpecker Cafe open 9 – 4pm tomorrow (Saturday) and 10 – 4pm Sunday and Monday.

Remember – a free scavenger hunt around the orchard is available for families / adults. (takes about an hour)

If you are going to Pershore Plum Festival on Monday say hello to Paul who will have our stall in St. Andrew’s Gardens.

Plum Weekend

We have had a very successful first day of our plum weekend.

Just a reminder that Paul’s Plum Walk is at 11am tomorrow.

We are open 9am – 6pm with the Woodpecker Cafe being open 10am – 4pm. Plum baked cakes and pies were a big success today but rest assured, there are more tomorrow!

We are now selling Walsgrove Plum hampers consisting of plum jam, plum chutney, dried plums and plum infused cheddar cheese. At £9.99 they would make a lovely gift and are very attractively packaged.

Look forward to seeing you!

Fruit update 20th August 2015

With this coming weekend being our Plum Weekend (Saturday/ Sunday 22nd / 23rd August) here is an update on fruit availability.

Plums – we started picking Victorias today! Purple Pershores will be over in a few days. Kirkes Blue – a large tasty plum – is now ripe. Other plums available are Yellow Pershores and Excalibur.

Apples – Bramleys (but not for storing)  are ready as are Epicure, Fortune, Katy, James Grieve and we are still picking George Cave and Discovery. Apples are 40p lb / 88p kg to PYO and 60p lb / £1.32 ready picked.

This weekend we will be selling plum ice cream; plum jam; plum chutney and cheddar cheese infused with plum jus. (yes…it does exist!!) The Woodpecker Cafe will have plum cakes and plum pies on the menu.

Come and join us!!

Plum Weekend

Saturday August 22nd and Sunday August 23rd. 9 – 5pm

There will be plum walks around the orchard at 2pm on the Saturday and 11am on the Sunday.

There will be up to 6 varieties of plum to try.

Throughout the weekend there is a scavanger hunt for everyone (children would need to be accompanied)

The Woodpecker Cafe will be serving plum based cakes and pies – open Sat. 9 – 4pm, Sunday 10 – 4pm


Fruit update 13/8/15

Opals and Czars are now finished. Plums we currently have are:-

Swans – sweet eater

Purple Pershore – sharper eater also good for culinary purposes

Yellow Pershore – good for culinary purposes

Apples currently available are –

Beauty of Bath -eater

George Cave – eater

Irish Peach – eater

Discovery – eater

Grenadier – cooker

We also have blackberries and runner beans.

Forward planning. Damsons  will be ready early September and Victoria plums probably in about 10 days – watch this space!


Fruit update 9th August 2015

Prolific plums are at their end. This week sees the Purple Pershores ready for picking – very tasty at present making them ideal for freezing and jam making. Opals and Czars will be available probably until the end of the week with another eater, the Swan Gage ready for picking now.

The first of the eating apples is now ready – Beauty of Bath. Crisp and tangy!

Grenadiers – the first of the cooking apples, are now ready.

Please note that the Woodpecker Cafe will not be open next Sunday. It will now open on Sundays only when we have an event on eg Plum Weekend.

Plums this week

We still have plenty of prolific plums but are now also picking the sweeter varieties – opals, czars and heron. All are available for PYO. We are usually open 9am – 6pm but will be closing at 5pm tomorrow (Tuesday).

On Saturday  8th August we are celebrating the first birthday of the Woodpecker Cafe by holding a fund raising event for Cancer Research UK. There will be children’s activities from 2 – 4pm. From 5pm you are invited to bring a picnic and listen to live music in the orchard. Pimm’s and cake will be available and we welcome donations to Cancer Research.