Fruit update 27th August 2016

We are well under way with plums. We are currently picking Victorias and Marjorie Seedlings. There are still some Yellow Pershores on the trees but they will end soon. We are just starting to pick damsons.
The two PYO apples are Katy and Bramley with Worcesters likely to be ready in the next day or two..
We are open all Bank Holiday until 6pm in the evening. The cafe is open today but closed Sunday and Monday.
We aren’t going to the Pershore Plum Festival this year but hope to see you here instead!

Cooking apples 2016

We have started to pick both Grenadier and Bramley apples today. At this stage, neither are suitable for storing in their raw state but are ideal for immediate use or freezing.
We are getting ready for our plum w/e and today have taken delivery of cheddar with plum truckles – our Purple Pershore plums of course! Plum jam is being made as I write.

Fruit update 14th August 2016

The plum harvest is now well underway. Yesterday we started picking Swans, Belles and Excaliburs and we still have Purple and Yellow Pershores and Czars. We are planning to start picking Victorias on Friday.
Apple varieties are gradually increasing and we currently have – Beauty of Bath, George Cave, Irish Peach and Ribston Pippin.
We have a busy week ahead with the BBC coming on Wednesday to pick Paul’s brain about plums in readiness for an article on Farming Today (Radio 4)
On Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st August, is our Plum Weekend. Come and sample our plums! If you wish, join in a plum walk and tasting round the orchard on Saturday at 11am or 2.30pm or Sunday at 1pm. The Woodpecker Cafe will be open on the Saturday with plum based cakes and pies.