Blossom 2010

This year the plum blossom is about two weeks later than last year. The warm, still days in the middle of April encouraged the bees to fly and the white plum blossom to set quickly. Frost has affected the plum section of the orchard on a few days during “Blossom Time”, the clear mornings has had some affect on the fruit but it is too early to identify how much damage has been caused. Fruit does benefit from a small amount of frost, as it causes the remaining fruit to increase in size since there are fewer apples or plums using the trees limited resources.

The apple blossom started at the beginning of May but the cold weather has slowed the set. The pink apple blossom surrounded the edges of the orchard. When in bud the blossom appears as pink but as the apple buds open the blossom turns through pink to white. The crab apple blossom on the front of the orchard is darker pink or crimson in colour.