Fruit update July ’18

Although we have plenty of fruit on the trees, we are waiting for some rain to help to swell it. It is therefore very difficult to predict when the picking season will start but we will definitely not have our shop open until Sunday 29th July at the earliest.
I’ll keep you updated as to the situation and hope to see you sometime during the summer.

Walsgrove News

Hello everyone. Despite a rather strange spring, much of the blossom seems to have set and Paul is already busy thinning the apples. Some trees are laden and others have no fruit at all. We will keep you posted as to when we are likely to open – probably at the end of July.
In the meantime, if you live locally or are passing by, call in to our courtyard to see the good range of excellent quality plants / hanging baskets which we are selling in advance of our church fete which is on Saturday 30th June from 2 – 4.30pm. Money can be left in the honesty box or postbox.
Hope to see you all sometime during the harvest season or before.

The end of the season

Although we still have a large variety of good quality apples, we will not have any specific opening times now until next year’s plum harvest. However, please ring or email us after Monday 30th October if you would like to pop in to buy some apples / juice / hampers for Christmas gifts.
Thank you for all your custom this year!!! We do appreciate it.

Apple Weekend

This weekend is our Apple Weekend. We will be open tomorrow – Saturday, from 10am – 6pm and Sunday 10am – 5pm. Come and try our extensive variety of ready picked apples. We have the following for PYO –
Bramley, Rubinette, Idared, Falstaff, Royal Gala and, Ashmead’s Kernel. Ready picked are 60p/lb (£1.32/kg) and PYO 40p/lb (£ 88p/kg).
We are happy to juice your own apples or those you buy here – bring your own containers. This juice will last for about 3 days in the fridge. You can of course buy our apple juice which will last until next year!
Throughout the w/e there will be short talks on how to prune apple trees. Bring a photo of your tree if you wish.

Fruit update 23rd September 2017

All plums and damsons have now finished. New apples this week are Laxton Superb, Charles Ross, Red Pippin and Pixie. We are sure that more will be ready as the week progresses.
This week’s opening times are –
Today – Saturday 23rd September 10 – 6pm
Tomorrow – Sunday 24th September 10 – 5pm
Monday – 24th September 11 – 5pm
Tuesday – 25th September 10 – 6pm
Wednesday 26th September 11 – 6pm
Thursday 27th September 10 – 5pm
Friday 28th September 10.30 – 6pm
Saturday 29th September – Why not come between 10 and noon and join us in The Woodpecker for our Macmillan Coffee Morning?

Fruit update 16th September 2017

All the plums have gone though there are still some damsons.
We now have a good variety of apples both for sale and ready to pick –
Cox, Bramley, Greensleeves, Russets, Lambourne, King of Pippins, Rubinette, Jupiter, Laxton Superb, Spartan, Epicure, Sunset.
NB our apple w/e is October 7th / 8th

Opening times this week –
Today – Saturday 16th September 9 – 6pm
Tomorrow – Sunday 17th September 10 – 5pm.
Monday – 18th September 11-5pm
Tuesday – 19th September 1 – 5pm
Wednesday 20th September 11 – 5pm
Thursday 21st September 10 – 6pm
Friday 22nd September 11 – 6pm

Fruit update 2/9/17

Opening times this week.
We are open today until 6pm.
Tomorrow – Sunday 3rd September 10 – 5pm
Monday 4th September 11 – 5pm
Tuesday 5th September CLOSED ALL DAY
Wednesday 6th September 11 – 5pm
Thursday 7th September 10 – 6pm
Friday 8th September 9 – 2pm
Saturday 9th September CLOSED ALL DAY
Sunday 10th September. The Tour of Britain is passing us so the road outside will be closed until 12.30pm. Fruit will be left for sale outside of the shop after that and we will be open at 4pm until 6pm

We still have plums (finishing in the next few days) and damsons. Plenty of apples!

Fruit update 28th August 2017

Unless Paul finds the odd plum at the top of a tree, Victorias are finished. Croppers and Burbanks are still available but we think that by next weekend, all plums will have finished though there will still be damsons. There are Bramleys and various varieties of eating apples to pick.
This week’s opening times are –
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 11 – 6pm
Wednesday 10 – 5pm

Fruit w/b 21st August 2017

Thanks to all those who visited us for our Plum Weekend, over £200 was raised for Macmillan Cancer Support and our local church. The Spetchley Artists and Cameraderie Camera Club put on a magnificent exhibition.

Victorias are coming to an end. Purple and Yellow Pershore s are few and far between. We have Marjories, Burbanks, Croppers, Warwickshire Droopers, Edwards as well as damsons.
Apples – Bramley, Katy, Worcester, Epicure.
We will be open Monday 21st 11 – 5pm
Tuesday 22nd 10-5pm
Wednesday 11 – 5pm
Thursday 10 – 5
Friday 11 – 5.