The start of plum picking!

Plum picking starts tomorrow with opals (sweet eater) and prolifics (slightly sharper eater) being ready. There is a reasonable harvest of each but not enough for PYO, so only ready picked plums will be available at present.

We will be open tomorrow – Wednesday 17th July from 1 – 6pm

Thursday 18th July noon – 5pm

Friday 19th July noon – 5pm

Fruit update 27/9/23

Plums and Damsons have now finished but we do have some apples. Not all varieties have produced anything this year but we currently have –

Spartan, Lambourne, Charles Ross, Fiesta (Red Pippin) and Falstaff. There are also some Bramleys. There are limited quantities of each variety.

We are open this afternoon (Wednesday) until 5.30pm

Tomorrow (Thursday) 9am – Noon

Friday Noon – 3pm

Saturday 9am – 5pm

Fruit update 3/923

Our opening hours this week will be as follows-

Closed Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Tuesday and Thursday open noon – 6pm

If you wish to place an order, it can be collected even if we are closed.

There are still plenty of damsons and Cropper plums – a slightly sharper plum ideal for cooking / jam making.

Marjories are coming to their end.

Victorias – rather small now but ideal if you want them for wine making.

Apples – Katy and Red Miller. These are both red apples, crisp and sweet.

Fruit update 30/8/23

Victoria plums are very nearly at their end. However, Marjories have cropped well (sweet plum) and there are also Croppers – a sharper plum at the moment which is excellent for jam etc. Both types are available for PYO as well as Ready Picked.

Damsons are plentiful.

The apples currently available are Katy and Red Miller.

Opening times this week –

Wednesday – Friday Noon until 5pm

Saturday 10am – 5pm

Sunday 10am – 5pm

Finding us

A number of people this year have ended up at Walsgrove Farm (Goodman), finding themselves surrounded by geese which that farms specialises in! Our post code is WR7 4QL. On google, we are second on the page whereas they are first.

Fruit update 23rd August 2023

Opening times for the next few days –

Today (Wednesday) open until 6pm

Thursday / Friday – Noon – 6pm

Saturday 10 – 6pm

Sunday 10 – 5pm

Monday 10 – 6pm

We still have plenty of Victorias (PYO and ready picked), but this will be the last weekend for them. Other plums include Marjories, good for eating and Burbanks excellent for eating / cooking / freezing/ jamming.

Damsons are now ready for PYO and ready picked – a good crop.

There are Katy apples and James Grieve – only ready picked as a fairly poor harvest.