Fruit update 13/10/21

We have a good selection of apples though not a huge quantity of any one variety. We will be having a very scaled down Apple Day on Saturday 23rd October when there will probably be about 12 / 15 varieties of apple to try.
In the meantime, opening times this week are 11.30 – 4pm.
Walsgrove apple juice makes an excellent soft drink option for over the Christmas period or as a unique gift. 2 bottles for £5

Apple update 19th September 2021

Some apples have produced well this year and others haven’t, including Bramleys. We’ve just started to pick Lambournes and they have cropped well.
Damsons are now getting very soft but there are still a few to pick.
Our opening times for the coming week are – Closed Monday.
Open 11.30 – 5pm Tuesday and Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday; 11.30 – 2.30 Thursday and Friday.

Fruit update 8th September 2021

We have very few plums left and anticipate that they will only be available for the next few days. Damsons are also coming to an end.
We have Katy apples and a few Worcesters but others should be ready for picking by next week.
We are currently not able to take payment by card.
New opening times – 11 – 4 pm each day EXCEPT Mondays when we will be closed.
Just for this week, we will be closing at 2.30 tomorrow (Thursday)

Plums 2021

It won’t be long before the 2021 plum season starts. The first varieties – Prolifics and Opals are reasonably plentiful and are likely to be ready in 10 / 14 days. Watch this space!!

Plum blossom

The plum blossom is turning the orchard white and we’ll now just hope that the frost keeps away. If you would like to walk round the orchard, we’d be happy to see you either tomorrow afternoon (Friday) or any time on Saturday. Ideal for photographers or anyone who just wants to stretch their legs.

Fruit update March 2021

Hello everyone,

After a bountiful season last year, we’re wondering what this year will bring. Some trees have suffered from the winds but generally all is looking good in the orchard and the blossom will be flowering fairly soon. We have still got Bramley and Newton Wonder apples – both cookers. They have stored well and are lovely and ripe and tasty. We have decided to open from 1 – 5pm this coming Saturday, 20th March and Sunday 21st March to give you the opportunity to refill your freezers. They are both 50p a lb. Look forward to seeing you!

Apple update 26/10/20

Apples will be available all this week. There are still apples on the trees and there will be PYO available on Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November 9am – 4pm.
From Monday 2nd November, we will be closing for the winter. However, we will still have plenty of apples and are happy for you to contact us if you would like to buy some.