Opening times and fruit availability

Thursday 26th September 9 – 6pm
Friday 27th September 9 – 5.30pm
Saturday 28th September 9 – 6pm
Sunday 29th September 9 – 6pm
Monday 30th September 9 – 6pm
Tuesday 1st October 9 – 6pm

Plums – Victorias, Marjorie Seedlings, Burbanks (coming to an end), Kirke’s Blue, Merton Gem, Damsons
Apples – James Grieve, Epicure, Worcesters, Cox, Lambournes, Greensleeves, Rubinette

Opening times and fruit availability

Opening times –
Saturday 21st September 9 – 6pm
Sunday 22nd September 9 – 6pm
Monday 23rd September 9 – 5.30pm
Tuesday 24th September – 6pm
Wednesday 25th September 9 – 6pm

Apples – Bramleys, Katy, Epicure, Cox, Fortune, James Grieve, Worcester, Red Miller, Lambournes
Plums – Victorias, Burbank, Merton Gem, Edwards, Kirke’s Blue, Cropppers, Damsons

Opening times

We are open today Wednesday 18th September from 9 – 6pm and the same for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week. We still have plenty of plums, including Victorias and a wide range of eating apples. The bramleys are looking particularly good this year and at 60p lb ready picked or 40p lb PYO are a very good buy indeed.

Festival of Churches

White Ladies Aston – St. John the Baptist Church WR7 4QQ
14th September 2 – 5pm
Touch your senses
Come and see a wooden spired stone church with a peaceful graveyard; hear a community choir smell the beautiful music themed flower displays and taste a delicious afternoon tea and a range of locally grown plums and apples (supplied by Walsgrove Farm).

Fruit availability and opening times w/b 11th September

Opening times –

Wednesday 11th September 9.30 – 6pm

Thursday 12th September 9 – 6pm

Friday 13th September 9 – 6pm
Saturday 14th September 9 – 1pm; 5 – 7pm (see Festival of Churches info below)
Sunday 15th September 9 – 5pm
Monday 16th September 9 – 6pm

Apples picked and PYO – Bramley, Katy, Worcester
Apples picked – George Cave, James Grieve, Epicure
Plums picked and PYO – Victorias. Marjories, Burbanks, Edwards, Purple and Yellow Pershores
Damsons – picked and PYO
Blackberries – mainly PYO

Opening times and fruit
Thursday 5th September 9 – 6pm
Friday 6th September 9 – 5pm
Saturday 7th September 9 – 5pm
Sunday 8th September 9 – 5pm
Monday 9th September 9 – 6pm
Tuesday 10th September 9 – 6pm

Plums PYO and ready picked –
sweet eaters – Victoria, Edwards
slightly sharper eater – Purple Pershore
suitable for jam / freezing – Yellow Pershore and Purple Pershore

Apples –
Ready picked – James Grieve,
Ready picked and PYO – Katy, Worcester, Bramley

Also blackberries, mainly for PYO.