An interesting article!

I found this article on the BBC website today. It shows what the English apple grower is up against. Keep eating English apples!! As those of you who came to our tasting day on Saturday know, there is a huge variety in taste and texture available in English apples.

Opening times and fruit availability

Tuesday 8th October 10 – 5.30pm
Wednesday 9th October 12 – 5.30pm
Thursday 10th October 12 – 5.30pm
Friday 11th October 12 – 5.30pm
Saturday 12th October 10 – 5.30pm
Sunday 13th October CLOSED

Apple varieties currently available –
Blenheim Orange, Cox, Egremont Russett, Ellison’s Orange, Epicure, Fortune, Greensleeve, Jupiter, King of Pippins, Lambourne, Margil, Orleans Reinette, Peasgood’s Nonsuch, Pixie, Red Devil, Royal Gala,
Rubinette, Spartan, Sunset

Plums have finished but there are still damsons.

Look out for our apple tasting day – likely to be Saturday October 19th

Opening times and fruit availability

Wednesday October 2nd 9 – 5.30pm
Thursday     October 3rd noon – 5.30pm
Friday           October 4th 9 – 5.30pm
Saturday      October 5th 9 – 5.30pm
Sunday         October 6th 9 – 5.30pm
Monday       October 7th 9 – 5.30pm

Plums – Croppers (good for eating and cooking), Damsons
Apples – Bramley, Cox, Lambourne, Greensleeves, Rubinette, Red Devil, Jupiter, King of Pippns, Margil, Ellison’s orange.