Apple update 19/10/22

There are still a large number of apples of many varieties left. We will be open today (Wednesday) 1 – 5pm

Thursday 20th October 1 -3pm

Friday 21st October 10 – 5pm

Saturday/Sunday 22nd and 23rd October 10 – 5pm

All apples, including Bramleys are 60p / lb

Apple update 2/10/22

There is a wide variety of apples currently available, including Cox, Russets and Bramleys. PYO and Ready Picked available.

We are open at the following times this week –

Monday 3rd October Noon – 5pm

Tuesday 4th October Noon – 5pm

Wednesday 5th October Noon – 5pm

Thursday 6th October 10am – 3pm

Friday 7th October Noon – 5pm