Fruit now available, 14th August 2010

We are currently open 9am – 6pm daily with a large selection of both pick your own (PYO) and ready picked fruit.

Plums currently available are

Prolifics – good for eating and for jam making

Heron – excellent for eating

Purple Pershores – good for eating and excellent for jam making and freezing

Yellow Pershores – excellent for jam making and bottling

Opals and Czars –  good for eating

The above are PYO 50p/lb , £1.10/kg; ready picked 70p/lb, £1.50/kg

Apples currently available are

Beauty of Bath – eater

Discovery – eater

Grenadier and Bramley – cookers

PYO Barmleys – 30p/lb , 65p/kg; ready picked 50p/lb, £1.10/kg

Also available

Blackberries, Potatoes, Onions and local Honey