Fruit update 23rd September 2018

Damsons are now finished. They have been incredibly popular this year.
Plums are coming to an end but we’ll still have some for another week. The high winds have stripped some trees but others have escaped.
Apple varieties available are increasing nearly daily. Cox in particular are a good size and a very good condition this year, as are the bramleys.
We have our Macmillan Coffee Morning this coming Saturday so why not combine fruit buying with coffee and cake?
Opening times this week are slightly different from normal. They are –
Monday 11am – 6pm
Tuesday 1pm – 6pm
Wednesday to Friday 11am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 5.30pm
Sunday 11.30am – 6pm

Fruit update 17th August 2018

We still have plenty of plums, both for PYO and ready picked. Cox and Egremont Russet are the two most recent apples being picked. Bramleys are a good size and can by bought by PYO or ready picked.
NB Our Apple Day is Saturday October 13th.
Opening times this week……
Monday – Friday 11am – 6pm
Saturday – 9am – 6pm
Sunday – 10am – 5pm

Fruit update Tuesday 11th September 2018

We still have plums but probably for only a couple more weeks. New Apple varieties are coming on daily.

NB Apple Day this year is Saturday October 13th

We are open this week 11am-6pm weekdays, Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 10-6pm.

If you’ve made cakes/jam/ drinks etc from our produce, send us a picture and next week we’ll put those received on the website.

Fruit update 2nd September

We will be open this week only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,..11am-6pm

We reopen on Tuesday 11th September.

I know it is early to think about Christmas gifts but damson gin/vodka makes a well received present. This week, a number of grandparents have been picking damsons for this purpose, knowing their adult grandchildren will appreciate it.

Fruit update 31st August ’18

Opening times this weekend…

Saturday 9-6pm

Sunday 10-5pm

We’ve still got a good supply of a variety of plums, including Victoria’s; damsons are at their best; more apple varieties are ready daily.

Special offer this weekend….if you mention this post we will give you 2 lbs of Bramley apples FREE!


Pershore Plum Festival

We will not be at the Pershore Plum Festival this year. If you intend to go, please do call in and get your plums from us on the way there or back. We have a good selection and you can try before you buy. If you want a quantity of any particular plum or damson ie 10lbs or more, please let us know in advance so we can have them ready for you.

Bank Holiday update 25/8/18

We will be open 10 – 6pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
We still have plenty of plums to PYO or buy ready picked. Victoria, Marjorie, Kirkes Blue, Burbank, Edward and a few Yellow Pershore.
Damsons are also ready and are a good size this year.
Cooking apples – Bramley and Grenadier
Eating apples – Katy, Discovery,George Cave, Fortune, Epicure and James Grieve.
Worcester apples will be ready in about a week.

Plum Weekend

This coming weekend is our Plum Weekend (August 18th and 19th). There will be a wide variety of plums for sale ready picked and PYO, including Victorias. Paul will give free walking talks round the orchard at 11am and 1pm on Saturday and 2pm Sunday. If a group of you is coming and want a different time, let us know asap.
Katy apples are now available as well as Discovery. Cookers are Grenadier and hopefully Bramley by Saturday.
Damsons – They are plentiful but just not quite ready. Although larger than usual at this stage, they are still very hard so we are estimating 1st September, but watch this space!!