Fruit update 15th August 2020

Victorias are still going strong as are Kirke’s Blues. Yellow Pershores are still available but Purple Pershores have now finished. Damsons are ready for PYO and ready picked.
Apples -Bramleys and Katys are available for PYO and ready picked James Grieve and Epicure are both available ready picked.
We are open everyday next week 11am – 5pm

Fruit update 8th August 2020

NB Normal opening times are 11am – 5pm but on Monday 10th August we will only be open from 1 – 5pm
Victorias are going well and they’ll be around probably for another week.
Purple and Yellow Pershores and Belles are going fast.
Kirke’s Blue are now available.
Apples – Katy and George Cave – eaters;
Bramley and Grenadier – cookers

This year we are operating from an outdoor stall to ensure our safety and those of our customers.
Look forward to seeing you!

Fruit update 3rd August 2020

This is proving to be a very early season for the fruit and we now even have Victoria plums, about 3 weeks ahead of the usual date we start picking! Some of the Bramley apples are now ready, as are the Katy eating apples.
We are open each day 11 – 5pm. However, on Monday 10th August we will only open at 1pm but will remain open until 7pm.

Plum picking is starting!!

We will be open from 11am Saturday 18th July for PYO and ready picked sales.  Prolific and Opal plums are now available. Please bring your own containers to pick in to. Payment can be made by either cash or card. There will be set routes marked out and though families are extremely welcome, children should not be allowed to wander on their own. The caravan site’s washroom will not be available for use. Looking forward to seeing you!!

Orchard update

Despite the lack of rain, the plums and apples are coming along well and we are likely to be open for business before the end of July so watch this space! In the current climate, we are having to make a few changes to how we operate to ensure things run smoothly and safely and we’ll share these with you nearer the time.

We have a Zoom Auction on Friday 3rd July at 8pm to raise money for our local church so if you want to join us and bid for a cream tea for 2 in the orchard (two available) or a Walsgrove hamper, just let me know!! Catalogues of lots will be emailed on Wednesday 1st July


Fruit update May 2020

Hi, It has been a while since I last posted anything. Last year was a non event. We didn’t open our little shop at all and just about had enough fruit to fill our freezer. This year things are looking a lot better. The fruit has set well but will we be able to sell it? Who knows what the situation will be by the end of July but we are hoping for the best. The blossom has been lovely and the orchard is looking great – we have had plenty of time to tend to it! We hope that you are all keeping well and look forward to seeing you later in the year.

Fruit update

The apples have been hit nearly as badly as the plums. There are a few on some trees and though we are not opening our shop, if you want to check availability beforehand, we’re happy to serve you if we know in advance that you are coming.