Walsgrove fruit update

It looks as though the weather is set fine this week so here is our update in case you are thinking of paying us a visit. in the next few days.

Victoria plums are coming to their end and will certainly be finished by the weekend. We still have Marjories, Croppers, Edwards and Burbanks and these will be around until the end of the month.

Apple varieties now ready are –

Lambourne*, Fortune, Epicure ,Elstar, George Cave, Greensleeves*, Katy*,Bramley*

All are available ready picked and those marked * are also PYO

As many of you combine a visit to us with one to the Woodpecker Cafe please note its opening times are 10am – 4pm Tuesday to Friday and 9am – 4pm on Saturday.

Remember we have apple weekend October 10th and 11th when we aim to have about 50 types of apple for you to try.

Thanks to those of you who visited our stall at the Pershore Plum Festival despite the inclement weather! We hope you had a good day.

One thought on “Walsgrove fruit update

  1. Your little Coxes have a superb flavour. There is no apple with a better flavour than a Cox when it is at its peak (in my opinion), but Coxes can vary a lot, I’ve had others this year with thick, shiny skins and lacklustre flavour, but yours are perfect – couldn’t be better. Thank you.

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