Opening times and fruit availability w/b 24th August

Opening times –
Saturday 24th August 9am – 6pm
Sunday 25th August 9am – 7pm
Monday 26th August 9am – 6pm
Tuesday 27th August 9am – 10am & 4pm – 7pm
Wednesday 28th August 9am – 6pm
Thursday 29th August 9am – 6pm

Plums PYO and ready picked- Opal, Czar, Swan, Belle de Louvaine (all sweet eaters) ; Purple Pershore (eater and cooker) ,Yellow Pershore (cooking). Ready picked – Avalon (sweet eater ready from Monday).
Apples – ready picked – Beauty of Bath, Irish Peach, Discovery.

We will also be at Pershore Plum Festival on Bank Holiday Monday in St. Andrew’s Gardens which are opposite the Abbey and near St Andrew’s church hall where afternoon teas are being served! For more information click our local link tab.

One thought on “Opening times and fruit availability w/b 24th August

  1. Spiced Plum Chutney-as per conversation today with Mrs Haywood.

    1KG plums stoned and quartered
    2 Peeled cored and chopped Bramley apples
    400g Finely chopped white onions or shallots
    2 De seeded and finely chopped red chillies
    500g Light brown sugar
    100ml Cider vinegar
    200g Raisins
    2 tsp Mustard seeds
    1 Cinnamon stick
    2 tsp salt

    Place all of the above into a large pan, bring to the boil,

    Reduce the heat and simmer uncovered for 1 ½ to 2 hours, or until
    you can draw a wooden spoon through the chutney and it briefly leaves a
    trail ( it should still be juicy looking). Remove the cinnamon stick and pour
    into hot sterilised jars. Seal, label, cool and store. Can also be used straight away.

    Makes about 1.5kg

    P.S I used about 4 star anise in mine, there is just a hint of aniseed but they give the chutney a
    lovely warmth to it. Great with cheese on toast, or with crackers etc.

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