August 2022 fruit update

Plums – Opals and Czars are coming to an end but are being replaced by Swans ( sweet eaters), Purple Pershores ( a slightly sharper eater.. great for freezing and jam / chutney making) and also Yellow Pershores.
Apples – There are still a few Beauty of Bath with Discovery now ripening.
Opening times this coming week..
Tuesday – closed all day
Wednesday 11 – 4pm
Thursday 10 – 4pm
Friday 10 – 1pm
Saturday 10 – 4pm

6 thoughts on “August 2022 fruit update

    • Small and sparse!! Not sure that they will get any larger so not a successful year for them. We are picking a few now.

  1. I imagine the Victoria’s are early, but do they have any size. I remember when I was at work being told many times that the Vic’s were small as it had been to dry.

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