Plum picking is starting!!

We will be open from 11am Saturday 18th July for PYO and ready picked sales.  Prolific and Opal plums are now available. Please bring your own containers to pick in to. Payment can be made by either cash or card. There will be set routes marked out and though families are extremely welcome, children should not be allowed to wander on their own. The caravan site’s washroom will not be available for use. Looking forward to seeing you!!

3 thoughts on “Plum picking is starting!!

  1. This is the earliest year I have experienced in over 40 years of working as a fruit adviser ( including the hot summer of 1976). I have finished picking Prolifics at Fladbury with Sanctus Hubertus even a week earlier. My Swans should be ready next week.
    Does this tie in with your historic picking dates?
    I think it was due to the prolonged above normal temperatures from the end of March to mid June.

    • Hi,
      Nice to hear from you! Our first plums are the Early Laxtons which we have finished picking (only 1 tree) but only started the Opals and Prolifics yesterday. Our earliest ever start to picking was July 7th and latest August 10th. Last year we had only about 20kgs of plums off the whole orchard so we’re pleased with this year’s good crop.

  2. Margaret,
    I am glad you have a good crop. I have lost some from frost here in Fladbury – but not too bad.
    Which was the earliest year you say you started picking on 7th July. I keep a diary back to 1976 so can check my rough weather records. It would be interesting to know which time of year had the greatest influence although most likely higher temperatures in the March/early April period.
    I remember one year in the late 1970`s when I saw a few trees in an orchard at Haselor flowering in early Feb!

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