Fruit update 16th September 2016

Plums have now finished for the year though we still have damsons.
This week we started to pick Cox, Rubinette, Lambourne and Greensleeves apples.
NB Our apple weekend is October 8th and 9th when we anticipate having upward of 50 varieties available to taste / buy.

5 thoughts on “Fruit update 16th September 2016

    • Hi,
      They are ready now but there’s only 6 / 7 pounds in weight and they are on the small side. Let me know if you want them as otherwise they are likely to be bought at our apple weekend on 8/9 October.

      • Thank you. I was planning on coming to your apple weekend on the Saturday. Would it be possible to get them then? What time does it start?

          • Thank you, I would like you to keep the Rosemary Russets for me. I’ll be there on the Saturday. I’ll bring back your blue crates.

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