Apples currently available w/b 5th September

James Grieve – At present these apples are pleasantly acidic and refreshing and can be cooked if you find them too sharp for your taste. As the season progresses the flavour sweetens and becomes quite mild.

Worcesters – These apples are excellent if eaten soon after being picked. Some people detect a strawberry taste to the flesh.

Katy – This is a cross between James Grieve and Worcester and takes on the best of each apple. It is sweet and well liked, especially by children to whom its colour and flavour appeal.

Greensleeves – A cross between Golden Delicious and James Grieve. This is a very popular eating apple and will be available for a number of weeks.

Epicure – A sweet and juicy apple.

Bramley – A very good and well known cooking apple. A little early yet in the season to buy to store but excellent for immediate use or for freezing.

Coming soon …

Cox – Will be available mid September.

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